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Choral festival “Golden Crane” in Moscow

Chamber Choir Helü participates in 8th International Choral Assembly “Golden Crane” which takes part in Moscow from 6.-9. December. The concerts will take place at the big concert hall of MIREA at Russian Technologial University and at Moscow House of Composers Concert Hall.

“Goldern Crane” is one of the most important music festivals in Moscow. Choirs from all over Russia will perform at the festival and also, every year a guest choir from outside of Russia will be invited. The last year, the guests were Vilnius University Chamber Choir and chamber orchestra.

The main purpose of the choir festival “Golden Crane” is to create warm relationships between the youth choirs from all over Russia as well as international choirs, offer good quality concerts and share creative and aesthetic experiences.

Chamber Choir Helü’s main conductor Küllike Joosing: “Our aim is to introduce Estonian choral music culture and choral works in Russia. Helü’s programme consists solely of  works by Estonian composers. We will perform pieces of Arvo Pärt, Cyrillus Kreek, Pärt Uusberg, Veljo Tormis, Märt Rattasepp and Gustav Ernesaks.”

Chamber Choir Helü was invited to perform at the festival by the artistic director of the festival Ivan Samoilov.



07.December 2018


Big concert hall of MIREA at Russian Technologial University, Moscow House of Composers Concert Hall.